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    South Indiaa��s prime contemporary art show returns for the sixth edition

    making American physicist Thomas Kuhna��s theory accessible to those who dona��t understand science, this yeara��s theme for Yes Bank Art Bengaluru is a�?paradigm shifta��. The Collection, UB City, Sublime Galleria, Yes Bank and the Prestige Group have teamed up this time and Uzma Irfan, conceptualiser and organiser, says that they chose the theme because art on canvas sometimes distances the audience, leaving only afficianados at the fore. a�?There will be paintings, musical installations and even video mapping to reach a larger audience. We also have a curator this time, Suresh Jayaram, who will host art walks through the week,a�? Irfan explains. Jayaram, an artist, art historian, and curator, hopes that the curated walks will give visitors an in-depth understanding of the festival and the artworks on display because a�?what the artist had in mind is usually not what the rest of the world perceivesa��. a�?One has to push boundaries of visual art. It is always evolving in different dimensions and this is a platform for those experimenting in new media,a�? he shares. Some of the international artistes participating are Kevin Kelly (Canada), Li HongboA� (China) and Nicolas Clauss (France) while home-grown ones include Ryan Lobo, Vasudha Aggarwal and Chinar Shah.
    This edition will witness over 35 exhibits showcasing sculptures and installations. There will also be a curated video lounge and a photography wall.
    Starting off the exhibition will be a 3D mapping projection which will set the tone for the festival. a�?Wea��ll start at the ground floor and show the history of art dating back to the cavemena��s drawing on stone. Moving up the stairs, all the while projecting images, wea��ll bring the audience up to speed with current art and how technology has changed the concept of art itself,a�? Irfan tells us.
    Starts today until August 30. At UB City, Bengaluru. Details: artbengaluru.in

    Get involved
    In a bid to engage the audience, there will also be a series of discussions, curated by Suresh Jayaram. These will include talks by Girish Shahane (Artistic Director a�� India Art Fair 2015), Vivan Sundaram (artist) and Subodh Kerkar (artist), among others. Plus, music (think John a�?OOa�� Fleming and Talvin Singh), dance and theatre, apart from workshops on butterfly-rearing and music instrument-making, among others.

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