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    Indian-origin actor, Rahul Kohli, plays doctor to the undead

    When Seattle medical resident Olivia a�?Liva�� Moore (played by Rose McIver) is turned into a zombie, she confides in her boss Dr Ravi Chakrabarti, played by Rahul Kohli, in the latest zombie show iZombie. As a medical examiner, Kohli has access to dead humans, and brains which Moore feasts on in her undead state. Kohli tell us about the show, and how he prepped for it.

    Describe your character.
    I play a medical pathologist whoa��s the chief medical examiner at the Seattle Police Department. Ita��s his job to perform autopsies on bodies that have died under suspicious circumstances. When he cana��t piece it together, Liv has the answers because when she eats a brain, she gets flashes of the bodya��s memory.

    How did you come to play Ravi?
    I had just auditioned for the new 24 and it went terribly. I was upset about that, which is why I went really hard on iZombie. Within a week, I got cast out of nowhere. They even changed the age of the character for me.

    Is there potential for romance with Liv?
    I dona��t know about romance. To him, shea��s a medical marvel. Wea��re talking about a dead person who is alive; a person who can inherit traits from dead people. His enthusiasm brings her out of her shell. Therea��s no disgust and therea��s no alienation.

    How did you prepare for the role?
    I watched hours of autopsy videos, and it was grim. On set, I was jacked up as I knew how to do everything. But then I discovered I didna��t have to do any medical stuff. It will be handy for later, though. I hope it makes my character more believable. Thata��s my goal.
    Starts tomorrow. 9 pm on Colors Infinity
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