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    Jyotsna Kini gives travellers immersive personal experiences when on holiday

    As the name suggests, therea��s nothing common about the Extraordinary Travel Company, started by Jyotsna Kini barely two weeks ago. a�?I want to curate group travel experiences that are unexpected, special and immersive, be it a book, recipe and film based on the place youa��re travelling to or meeting the people youa��ll be travelling with before you take off,a�? Kini tells us. So from tracing Indiaa��s culture back to Uzbekistan with its beautiful mosques and culinary wonders to a�?glampinga�� and apricot-picking in Ladakh, you can sign up for something off the beaten track.
    SocietyAnchor5A former creative director at a global branding company in America, Kinia��s job involved extensive travelling around North and South America and Europe. a�?Even if my business took me to a small town, I would research something fun to do or Ia��d extend my trip by one or two days to explore the place. So when I came back to India after two decades in New York and San Francisco, I wanted to do something travel related,a�? she shares.

    All mapped out
    The companya��s first group tour, will bring together like-minded women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. They will head to Uzbekistan next month to explore the Mughal culture that made its way to India in the 16th century. The Uzbek trip will be followed up with a bespoke Ladakh tour, which will give travellers a luxurious way to discover the place. a�?For Ladakh, Ia��ve arranged a glamping tour which will involve accommodation in luxury tents, a 24-hour personal butler and archery on site, apart from lunch with a local family,a�? Kini explains.
    Some of her tours are based on personal experiences. For example, the Mexico package scheduled for later this year. Travellers will discover the town of Oaxaca where they sample traditional Mexican concoctions like mezcal, a local alcoholic beverage and mole, apart from immersing themselves in local culture and history. But ita��s not all about travelling outside the country. a�?India is so beautiful and has so much to offer. I also plan to design a Buddha trail, from his birthplace in Nepal to the area of his enlightenment in Bodhgaya, apart from a North East trip during the Hornbill festival and a Lucknow tour that delves into the statea��s rich cultural and culinary heritage,a�? she informs.

    Ongoing offers start at `1 lakh.Details: facebook.com/

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