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    OMR gets a new fine dining address courtesy -A�Sian, the Chinese restaurant at the Taj Gateway.

    A forest of white lilies standing at attention in tall frosted crystal vases on a central table in the foyer of the Taj Gatewaya��s new property at OMR is the first indication.

    You are about to enter the silken world of Sian, the Chinese restaurant whose name in Chinese indicates, a�?Western Peace.a�? This could be called the Gateway to Peace. Sian is the Chinese City where the Silk Route began. Ita��s also where the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang built the city that is famous for Terracotta Warriors as far back as the 3rd century BC.

    In a bowl


    When they bring you the three bowls of soup in their pale porcelain cups for tasting, you fancy that you can actually read the cups and discover these ancient links. In the first cup that is made of a clear vegetarian broth, you can see strands of fine silk, white fungi, or dry mushrooms and silken hanks of tofu floating. In the second, the fiery pepper and vinegar of the Mongol hordes that came in from the North, while in the soothing third bowl of Chicken and Coriander, maybe a touch of the Indian South.


    The seating area at the Sian resembles a Chinese maze with black lacquer work trellis partitions. The plates and flatware are white and modern. At the back there is a portion for a Grill and the chefs bring you chunks of marinated chicken and butterfly prawns on skewers. A grilled prawn wearing a silk kimono in pale green made of mayonnaise flavored with wasabi, the piquant Japanese horseradish paste hints at the Far East. Equally enticing to the Indian palate is the chicken coated in chili and mustard dressing.

    Final notes


    Vegetarians are well served at Sian. Not only is there a crunchy broccoli and corn starter, and chunks of tofu transformed into pakoras, the range of Dim Sums are a treat. They also serve sushi.A�As for dessert, dona��t miss the volcanic thrills of the Chili-Chocolate pot. A�Buffet only on Fridays: Rs 800 plus tax. A la Carte dinner at approximately Rs 1,000 per head. Details: 66802500

    a�� Geeta Doctor


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