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    Amit Tandon and Maheep Singh come together for Saanu Kee

    The inimitable Amit Tandon joins forces with Maheep Singh, known in the comedy circuit as the Gujarati Sardar, for Saanu Kee. A hilarious show focusing on the trials and tribulations of the migrant Punjabi community, the duo attempts to break stereotypes that people believe of their race. Tandon tells us more.

    The show:
    Ia��ve known Maheep for around four years now and one day, while chatting, we realised we were born in the same hospital in Patiala. As we spoke more, we discovered that we both come from similar backgrounds and share the same interests. Thata��s when we decided we must do a show together and Saanu Kee happened.1004SocietyAnchor1

    The script:
    I think Punjabis are highly misunderstood. We actually have a rich culture and language, but people think wea��re loud, ready to fight at the drop of a hat and love to swear. This show is a funny look at all the stereotypes attributed to us.

    The language barrier:
    The show is mainly in urban Punjabi, which is almost like Hindi. So even if youa��re not familiar with the language, ita��s easy to understand.

    Creating a show:

    I first come up with a theme and determine how ita��s going to be different from my other shows. Topics are usually based on my personal experiences. I piece together situations and making it funny is the final step.

    Composing a joke:
    Often I think of a new joke when Ia��m on stage. At one show, I was talking about weddings and the entry of the groom. Out of the blue, I remembered my own wedding and started talking about my own experiences. It was hilarious because it was an outlet for my frustrations.

    In queue:
    We plan to take Saanu Kee to London and Canada later this year. Wea��re also doing a show at Alliance Francaise, just before Sanuu Kee featuring six comedians, including Sandeep Rao and Sanjay Manaktal. Ita��s a format called Fight Comic I saw in Singapore and bought the rights to. The aim is to say the most inappropriate and politically incorrect things.

    At Vasant Nagar. Tickets (`300) on bookmyshow.com
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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