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    The executive pastry chef at The Leela Cake Shop presents six special creations to celebrate the season of mangoes

    SLEELA13EspeciallyA� after the success of last years mango and black pepper macaroons (retained on the menu), there was no way executive pastry chef Bhaskar Adeeb was going to let the season pass him by. But isna��t it a bit late for The Leela Cake Shop to start a mango promotion today? a�?Though mangoes have been coming in quite early this year, the quality of the first few batches was very bad,a�? says Adeeb, who has crafted six special treats this year. a�?Actually five. The fresh mango gateaux was available last year too. But its something everyone relates to well, so we had to bring it back,a�? he quickly clarifies. And why not, loaded with diced cubes of Banganapalli and looking more crown than cake, we fall in love on first sight.

    If you dona��t mind being experimental, therea��s a mango a basil mousse cake to take home. The alternating layers of vanilla sponge and mango and basil mousse reveal mango and basil leaves soaked in white rum in the centre. Among the pastries, therea��s a spin on the classic rum baba a�� in addition to topping the custard laden cake with cubes of Banganapalli, the chef has sprinkled it with roasted almond slivers and substituted the usual dark rum for a white. The French opera also gets a makeover with the coffee buttercream and dark chocolate ganache layers being replaced withA� passion fruit buttercream and mango (Alphonso) cremeux. And for a quick nibble, he offers macaroons a�� one with an Alphonso puree and white chocolate filling and another, based loosely on the aam ka panna, it has a pulp of green mango spiced with cumin and pepper, then mixed with white chocolate.
    Cakes at Rs.950 plus tax for half kilo. Details: 33661234

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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