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    Baar Baar Dekhoa��s Taaha Shah gives us the lowdown on being thick-skinned and ambitiousA�

    TaahaA�ShahA�was the talk of the town with his item girl avatar in The Mutton Song from his debut film. Now theA�Luv Ka The EndA�star has our attention again as he returns to the silverA�screen after nearly a year with Dharma Productionsa��, Baar Baar Dekho.a�?I bagged this role after three rounds of audition. It was scary, but the more you want something, the scarier it gets,a�? saysA�Shah, who shares screen space with Siddharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif. On his equation with the actress, he concedes,a�?We have a decent friendship going on. We have this connectiona�� she has a subtle humour that I think I understand.a�?
    The three-film-old actor has already worked with industry biggies like Yashraj Films and Dharma Productions. a�?Working with these people has spoilt me. You dona��t have glitches or fallbacks with big names as they know what to do and execute them without any issue, so I waited it out to land a big banner again,a�? says theA�28-year-old on his choice of films. Talking about competition from contemporaries who hail from film families, the Mumbai-based actor shares, a�?Ita��s not easy, but ita��s not impossible. At the end of the day it all comes down to sustenance, but being anA�outsider, you need to have a thick skin.a�? Barring Gippy, Shaha��s other movies have received a tepid reception, butA�ShahA�remains unfazed. a�?Having known rejection first-hand initially, criticism helps me improve. My mother is my biggest critic. Owing to conventional parents, she couldna��t pursue an opportunity in acting, so I think this is her dream,a�? he adds. Having spent three years in Chennai, he has fond memories of his schooling at Chettinad Vidyashram. a�?If I get an opportunity to work in the industry here, I dona��t see why I wouldna��t pursue it,a�? concludes the actor who is currently busy with JP Duttaa��s next.
    Baar Baar Dekho releases on September 9

    a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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