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    Star-struck Parvathy Nair on bagging roles with actors Ajith and Kamal  Haasan

    1IT is a given that one has to network and know the right people to get big roles in the movie industry.  Parvathy Nair begs to differ. With Yennai Arindhaal releasing this month, the Bangalore girl shares her excitement and explains, “Some of Gautam Menon’s assistant directors knew me from my ad days. I also recently won the Siima award for best debutant in Kannada. They sent some pictures of mine to Gautam and he liked them.” Nair is also part of director Ramesh Arvind and Kamal Hasaan’s Uthama Villain, slated to release this year. “Someone sent some pictures and I got the part. It was fate,” she says, adding that she is learning as she goes. Paired opposite Arun Vijay in Yennai Arindhaal, Nair admits that Gautam Menon has been inspiring. “He talks you into the role. There is a scene where I break down. I was wondering how to go about it, but he just talked me through it and I did well. I have not gone to an acting school, but I am glad I’ve been groomed by good directors like him,” says the actress, sharing anecdotes from the sets. “Ajith had cooked for the cast and crew before I joined the sets. He wouldn’t differentiate between an actor and a spot boy,” says Nair. And about her role, all she reveals is,“I am a happy-go-lucky-girl in real life and in the movie, I face terrible situations.”
    Yennai Arindhaal is releasing later this month.

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