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How to bring in the Chinese New Year with the city’s best chefs.

February 8 is when the city hotels and restaurants turn into mini Chinese towns. This is the year of Red Monkey or Fire Monkey according to the Chinese calendar. The celebrations in the city are in tune with the theme of the year.
Here is a list of the places that you should drop by to savour the festive delicacies

Calligraphy and more at
Oriental Bar & Kitchen, Park Hyatt
So ita��s not just good food at Oriental Bar & Kitchen, the festivities extend to live counters and the most eye-catching inclusion of live ancient Chinese calligraphy art. A Chinese calligraphy artist will be there at the restaurant and will present the guests with their names written in this unique style. The staffa��s costumes will be in sync with the Chinese theme. On offer are authentic dishes like Braised Tiger Prawn, Corn flitters with Sweet Chili Dip and Kung Pao Chicken. The hotel imports authentic ingredients from China and Thailand. Chef Phongthorn Hinracha says, a�?We have handpicked the delicacies for the special Asian buffet. Chinese favourites and the best of Asian culinary delights will feature on the menu.a�? Price: Rs.A�1,400++ taxes per head. Details: 49491204

Basa Fish at InAzia, Sheraton
Chinese cuisine can never be complete without any fish. And New Year dishes become more important when it is basa fish. This fish is considered significant thanks to its symbolism associated with prosperity. Keeping this in mind, InAzia, Sheraton, has picked the fish as the main ingredient in the special dishes as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Says chef Ninja, the Pan Asian gourmet expert, a�?It will be steamed basa fish for the main course and this is the first ever Chinese New year Celebrations at InAzia. I have brought some authentic and traditional dishes to Hyderabad this year, which guests should definitely not miss.a�? They also have Fried Rice with Crab Meat and other delicacies. Price: Rs.A�3,000++taxes. Details: 49251187

Special dumplings Dumplings
at The Square, Novotel
If other restaurants are celebrating fish and prawns for the Chinese New Year, Novotel, has decided to celebrate it with DIm Sum Festival. It will be a 10-day affair starting from February 4 and is on till February 13. There is a whole selection of different dumplings like Chicken Sui Mai, Juicy Lamb Dumpling, Cheese and Spinach Dumpling and the Mushroom and Tofu Dumpling. Executive chef Muthu Kumar says, “We have a range of home-made unique sauces.a�? Price: Rs.A�1,900++ taxes. Details: 66824422

Pakchoi items at
Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna
Fish is not just the prosperous food item. Vegetables count, too. Chinese cabbage and Pakchoi denote prosperity which are part of the different menu at Taj Krishna. There will be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian courses. For the non-vegetarian platter there is Pan Fried Prawns with Wolfberries, Fish Ball Lettuce Soup, Tender Lobsters, Braised Duck in Mandarin Sauce and Sliced Fish with Tofu along with variety of rice and noodles. Says chef Chef Ng Hung Fong, a�?We have crafted a special menu with traditional specialties of Chicken Jiaozi and Niangao along with large selection of seafood specialties.a�? The celebrations will be on till Valentinea��s Day. Price: Rs.A�3,275++ taxes. Details: 66662323


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