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    band Roxygen team up for a night of Queen, dance and theatre

    This Sunday will see an interesting experimenta��a theatrical production with no dialogues, just songs. Bohemian Rhapsody – A Queen Rock Opera, a tribute to the British rock band Queen, is a�?a concert with a lot of theatre and dance thrown in.a�? Says Michael Muthu, of Boardwalkers, a�?Wea��ve taken 30 of Queena��s songs and woven a story around them. There are no dialogues as I didna��t want to touch the lyrics. Instead, we have strung the songs together to tell the story.a�? The only tweaking the director has done is adding a few extra verses to songs like Innuendo and Death on Two Legs to steer the story.
    When city-based rock band Roxygena��with singer Timothy Madhukar in the leada��takes the stage, they will be backed by an eight-member chorus, 12 dancers from Jeffrey Vardona��s The Hot Shoe Dance Company and six actors from Boardwalkers. a�?It was challenging because as dancers we choreograph for a full song. But here there is drama, action and reaction, and since the songs are being performed live, there will be small changes, too,a�? admits Vardon, adding that we can look forward to rock, ballet, contemporary and post-modern moves.
    With costumes by Vardona��s wife Cassandra, singers trained by voice coach Augustine Paul, multi-level sets designed specially for the show and elaborate lighting, Muthu promises a spectacle. a�?I dona��t want to reveal too much, but the two-hour and10-minute show will include lots of angels, demons and the character of Beelzebub,a�? he says of the event that is being organised by The Rotary Club of Madras South to raise funds for its community service programmes.
    At Sir Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Hall. From 7 pm. Rs.500 onwards. Details: eventjini.com


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