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    For singer-turned-actress Tia Bajpai, her journey in Bollywood has just begun

    Tia Bajpai has finally managed to shrug off her a�?horror film heroinea�� image. After appearing in three Vikram Bhatt staples (think Haunted 3D, Lanka, 1942: The Evil Returns), her next film, Desi Khattey (directed by Anand Sharma), is about two boys who grow up to choose different professions related to guns. Bajpai and Sasha Agha, star oppoosite the boys played by TV actor Jay Bhanushali and debutante Akhil Kapoor (Vinod Khannaa��s nephew).

    For the professional singer-turned actress, the excitement lies in playing a character beyond her age. a�?I have my own story in the film. I am not a mere prop,a�? says Bajpai who is looking forward to her first multilingual (still untitled film) that is going to be released simultaneously in Telugu, Kannada and Hindi (with Mimoh Chakraborty).

    Singer-actor Tia Bajpai

    Singer-actor Tia Bajpai


    Right here, right now
    Though movies happened by chance for this former music reality show winner and TV actress, she admits she takes her career seriously. a�?I dona��t just want to be the heroa��s arm candy. I want to be known as a talented actress. Ita��s all about being at the right place at the right time,a�? says Bajpai. Coming from a family of musicians, she always dreamt of being a singer. a�?Singing is like meditation to me. So I dona��t usually party and am happy doing my riyaz on time,a�? says Tia who has also done the playback for two of her films.
    Desi Khattey is scheduled to release in December.

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