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    Pallavi Foley, on the importance of pairing the right jewellery

    A tear drop pendant or a shoulder duster? A dash of bling or a world of sparkle? White gold or sterling silver? Which is it to be?
    As the holiday season approaches and we get our festive ensembles lined up, I have found that choices of the right jewellery to match are always wrapped in enigma. For instance, how do you wear vintage pieces without looking like you are in costume? How can you be on trend without breaking the bank? And above all, whatai??i??s hot and whatai??i??s not this year?

    Letai??i??s begin with the most popular metal this year. Rose gold wins hands down as the star of the season. Right from cell phones to key chains to watches and trinkets, this metal has outshone every other material in the world. Its popularity in jewellery does not show any sign of waning, but trend forecasters predict that silver
    jewellery could be equally popular next year.

    As for styles, you cannot go wrong with oversized jewellery this season, but if you are planning to buy gold, opt for dainty and delicate pieces. For all other jewellery, let your imagination run riot. Choose large pendants and chandelier earrings in the shape of exotic motifs, tribal designs, plates, tassels or coins. Jet black jewellery, mismatched earrings, pearls, playful earrings and huge rings will take centrestage in 2017, so it is a good idea to invest in these pieces right away. Vintage jewellery

    Vintage jewellery will always remain in style, but it should be worn as a statement piece, so that it does not date your look by several years.

    I caught up with jewellery designer Pallavi Foley for her views on the subject of precious jewellery. The brilliant young Bengalurean, who is known for her award winning work, began by saying that we need to pay as much attention to our jewellery investments as we do for our clothes.

    The first thing to remember is not to see expensive jewellery merely as an investment or an accessory, she begins, adding that it is meant to make you feel special, treasured and loved, so take time to choose jewellery carefully.

    ai???Jewellery is usually the most expensive thing on your body and it makes a huge fashion statement,ai??? says Pallavi. ai???Be true to your personal style, but donai??i??t be afraid to experiment. Jewellery has the power to transform your look in a dramatic way and personalise your style. A pair of simple blue jeans and a white shirt, for instance, can look very different when styled with different jewels.ai???

    According to Foley, vintage Victorian, Edwardian and Indian jewellery pieces are very popular. ai???However, you need to make sure these vintage styles are designed for our lifestyle today,ai??? she says, adding, ai???Sometimes, earrings are so heavy that they can cut the ear lobe, so you need to ensure they are safe to wear, while being stylish and modern.ai???

    Internationally, hoops are also in fashion. ai???I did my version of it with Navratan (nine stones),ai??? she says. ai???It was a popular design as it is rooted in tradition, but is also global.ai??? Among her design innovations, Pallavi also loves to talk about her ai???Wear your prayerai??i?? collection, which caters to women of all faiths, and is made out of yellow, pink and white gold. ai???I like to keep my life enriched, to create pieces that are enriching, enchanting and rejuvenating,ai??? she says.

    As for the year ahead, Pallavi forecasts that ai???wear what you believe inai??? will be a concept that will become popular. But buying good jewellery is about making the right choices and staying on trend. It is also always about buying what you love, and cherishing it for a lifetime.

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