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Electric alternatives to the more conventional rides

While Tork has broken the mould in India by giving us an electric motorcycle, there are some other reputed stables that are rolling out their own versions of sportbikes with a flavour thata��s more Faraday-Tesla than Otto.

Victory Empulse TT
The Empulse comes from Victory Motorcycles, a subsidy of Polaris Industries, that took over the production of the electric bikes from Brammoa��s motorcycle division. Powered by a 40.26kW batterya��said to attain full charge in less than four hoursa��the Victory Empulse TT can cross the 160 kmph mark and live up to the reputation its race-prepped versions earned at the Isle of Man TT. Details: victorymotorcycles.com

Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Departing from tradition, the Harley ditches its signature air-cooled A�V-twin engine for a 55 kW,A�liquid-cooled, three-phase induction motor to power the LiveWire. While speed is electronically limited to 152 kmph, ita��s said to hit 100 kmph in less than four seconds. The LiveWire also marries classic motorcycle design and modern engine technology. Yet to hit production, the e-bike is offered for test rides in the US and Europe. Details: harley-davidson.com

BMW Motorrad C Evolution
With BMWa��s signatureA�split face bearing the twin LED lights and a high, black tinted windscreen, the C Evolution is a menacing looking maxi-scooter. Ita��s powered by a battery with a rated output of 19kW, while peak output is a substantialA�35kW. It allows a range of 160 km, enough for city commutes, while speeds are electronically limited to 129 kmph. Details: bmw-motorrad.com


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