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Author Rachna Singh finds the funny in everyday life

Billed as part of the new wave of self-assured, humorous women writers, HR professional Rachna Singh has raked in rave reviews for
her first three books. We caught up with her as she releases her fourth book on everyday happenstance Digs, Dogs and Drama.
Starting out
After 15 years as an HR professional,I added writing to my bag ofA� existing jobs along the way. My mother is also a writer, so I guess it
was destined.

Real life inspiration
All the anecdotes in Digs, Dogs and Drama are real, things that actually happened. Though humourists do tend to exaggerate and use hyperbole for effect!
Working within new formats
I have a blog (rachnaunedited.wordpress.com), and many of my followers urged me to write a compilation.One trend that I anticipate with the readership demographic getting more complex is the growing popularity of short-form content. More readers will ask for literature in bite-sized pieces.
Blurring the lines
My readership cuts across gender and age boundaries. The most touching feedback has been people sharing with me that my brand of humour helped them wipe out some bits of sadness and angst from their lives.
On multi-tasking
The various things I do just fit around each other a�� the boundaries are fluid. I watch my children play, and get inspiration to write about that. I can be writing a chapter, and stumble across something interesting that I can create for leadership development. It is pretty seamless. As they say, if you are passionate about the things that you do, time is never a scarce resource.
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