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LAa��s sensational DJ BL3ND A�says he will dazzle his fans at the Playboy Club with his signature a�?sounds and structuresa��

He blends in with the crowd on the dance floor with his music, but stands out from the regular DJs. Ita��s not without a reason that Los Angeles native DJ BL3ND enjoys the fan following of 4 million Facebook and 1 million YouTube subscribers. There arena��t many music fans who arena��t the BL3NDERS, as his fans like to call themselves. The DJ, known for donning his signature mask in his concerts, will perform in the Playboy Club in the city on February 11 as a part of his tour in India.

Speaking about his tremendous energy levels that seem to stay on a crescendo all through his concert, he says, a�?Ita��s all about being unique. I incorporate new sounds and structures into every song so that it sounds different from my last rendition. I like to mix quick as the energy and momentum of the crowd slows down when one prolongs it. I also love to surprise my audience by playing numbers that are uncommon for other DJs.a�?

The 22-year-old DJ is a record-holder on Billboarda��s Uncharted Chart, holding the top spot for 62 weeks and remaining in the charts for a total of 103 weeks. After his tour in India, DJ BL3NDa��s calendar will take him to shows in America, Canada and Europe.
a�?At the moment, I have new singles coming out every month for this year. I have so much music that I can take out an album, but I prefer to release one by one, every month for my fans. Maybe later in the year I will release an EP of 4 tracks.a�? His hot favourite are Creature – DJ Bl3ND, Bodies ft. Jon Howard – DJ BL3ND and Armageddon – DJ BL3ND.

For those who dona��t know what to expect from his concert can hear the artista��s latest song Creature, Scary mix and Turn up mix. In short, be ready for a crazy night with DJ BL3ND soon in the city.
Tickets available on bookmyshow.com Details: 076800 78101

a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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