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    Replace your boring fans with innovative designs from the new luxury store, The Signature Studio

    THE new luxury home dA�cor store in Nungambakkam, The Signature Studio, boasts ceiling fans that multi-taska��besides dispensing breeze, they also double as exquisite dA�cor accessories. A brand of Midas Electricals, owned by brothers Kunal (31) and Vikram Chowdhari (30), the store houses national and international brands including the US-based Fanimation, Mumbai-based Anemos, Hong Kong-based Vento and Imazu, and UP-based Windmill. The Chowdhari brothersa��who started out as channel partners for Philips Professional Lighting in 2012, in Chennaia��decided to make fans their priority after they found a thriving market for it. a�?The demand was very good and both architects and customers wanted something exclusive and new every time,a�? begins Kunal.

    Being a�?fana��cy
    And they dona��t disappoint. When you walk into their 1,600 sq ft store, your eyes are inevitably drawn to the fansa��from one with colour-changing lights to another with blades made of palm leaves! a�?We have fans for all purposes, from ceiling and wall to pedestrian and outdoor (waterproof)a��made out of metal, plastic, palm leaf, bamboo and wood (teak),a�? shares Kunal. The highlight is the Palisade (Rs 2.4 lakh), a vintage-looking ceiling fan with eight wooden blades suspended from a horizontal pole. a�?We ask customers to choose the correct fan based on the room size, height and mounting type. When we sell a valuable product, we make sure the customer gets the best out of it operationally and aesthetically,a�? he shares, as we see peruse a chart that lists out all the specifications to help customers choose discerningly.

    Special mention
    The store also offers other home dA�cor collectibles, where the spotlight is on a limited-edition gramophone (Rs 4.6 lakh) made of iron wire, which comes with 10 songs. Also check out their limited-edition table top caricature statuettes made of polyresina��handmade and hand painted by a Paris-based artist. Another highlight isA� their a�?soft headsa�� (wall-mounted stuffed dolls in the shape of animal heads) featuring dogs and unicorns wearing glasses, rakish hats and cigars. a�?As we want to add more value to interiors, we are planning to bring in designer furniture for kidsa�� rooms and more limited-edition artifacts and sculptures,a�? concludes Kunal.
    Rs 6,000 onwards. Details: 42863133

    a�� Saloni Sinha


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