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    Mandira Nevatia

    Mandira Nevatia

    Contemporary meets retro in the quirky Carousel collection

    FROM the era when everything wasna��t a�?onlinea��, Mumbai-based filmmakers and photographers Ishira Kumar and Mandira Nevatia are the founders of quirky creative house, Carousel. With niche products that include typewriters, the ladies say their venture is influenced by the nostalgic and whimsical. a�?Ita��s like falling down the allegorical rabbit hole. We hope to infuse the ordinary with a bit of magic,a�? says Nevatia as Kumar adds, a�?Carousel is about making everyday life more charismatic.a�?

    On the shelf
    On the rack are vintage typewriters that come to the Carousel workshop in an irrecognisable condition leaving the team no choice but to completely change its look. a�?We get Japanese, Russian and America typewriters that have been junked and we cana��t actually make out what make they are,” explains Nevatia. The ready-to-use typewriters are available in a whopping 32 colours that are meticulously painted on by the in-house team before logos, initials, names, special dates are added on. It is a rather hot-selling product, appealing to corporates looking for something classic, hipsters and writers who a�?always request extra ribbonsa��. Vintage cameras, original Super 8mm film ones in working condition are also on offer in addition to original photographs that can either be traditionally framed or are available on canvas. Photojournals (from personalised photoshoots) are aimed at a�?the dreamers and scribblersa��.

    On a whim
    What we love about Carousel, a name that apparently came instinctively to the founders thanks to their love for old-school slide projectors and the quaint carnival-esque wistfulness and Utopian nostalgia the word came with, is that they are aimed at a�?dreamers, wanderers and storytellersa�� that range from young artists and designers, to businessmen.

    Rs 8,500 approximately for the products. Details: facebook.com/WorkshopCarousel

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