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    Pick up bartending skills at Ashvita Bistroa��s upcoming mixology workshopcocktail_blue_kamikaze-1

    David Arokyaraj has enough tricks up his sleeve to entice you into giving his upcoming workshop a try. Besides preparing his signatures, the 34-year-old mixologist will also be juggling fire drinks, whilst showing you how to come up with the perfect blend. It might be a walk in the park for those who know how to prepare basic drinks (think virgin mojito), but for bartenders like Arokyaraj, the challenge is to keep innovating.
    Therefore, among his signatures we find a Mexican mule cocktail that he has spiced up with a sliced green chilli, while another one called Betel.in is a Bacardi white rum-based drink that has betel leaves and cloves. a�?Many bartenders today stick to the bar menu hence there are no creative inputs from their side,a�? saysA� Arokyaraj, who is the founder of Pondicherry Academy of Bartending, adding that he aims to help aspiring bartenders in his classes. He has been conducting workshops once every year at Ashvita Bistro. The one tomorrow is his fourth, where cocktails like Blue Kamikaze and Flaming Lamborghini will also be prepared. Around 40 people are expected to attend the event.
    Tomorrow, from 7 pm. Rs 1,500 per head. Details: 9791088189

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