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    The House Of Blinds

    Ravisaa combines fabric, design and colour for the perfect window

    The RESULT of a dream that began 12 years ago, Ravisaa – The House Of Blinds, is a design studio specialising in dressing up your windows. Founder Tripta Ahluwalia wanted to give her home a face- lift. “I realised that the windows could add colour, life and drama to a room,” she begins. Not satisfied with what was available in stores, she went ahead and experimented. “I bought fabrics, sourced parts from Delhi and designed on my own,” beams the designer. Currently, Ravisaa handles custom assignments and offers hospitality solutions for commercial spaces, offices, retail environments, restaurants, hospitality and residential projects. Her clientele ranges from Kiran Majumdar’s to the HM World City Preview Apartments and well-known hotels including the Taj West End and Park Plaza. “Your eyes are automatically drawn to the windows in a well-decorated home. So it’s important to find a solution that blends in with the theme tastefully,” she tell us, adding, “We emphasise ‘design’ because it’s a lot more than blinds that just look good. Each window that we are designing for gets our attention in terms of specifications, material choices, fabrication options and functionality.”
    Window shopping
    Most of her designs work around beiges and earthy tones because ‘they are classic, sophisticated and elegant’. “I prefer working with silks and cotton fabrics. But it is all about customising to suit my clients,” she tells us. Designing and manufacturing is taken care of in-house and a set of tailors and assistants manages the assembly, manufacturing and the installation of blinds. The fabric is sourced from weavers and manufacturers to ‘blend in with the interiors’. Make sure you consult her early on with the interior design though, as she advises it helps adding a fresh perspective to the room. “We prefer working with them in the early stages of the project, because it is useful to be part of the thinking process from the start.”
    Her work is clearly minimalistic and understated with crisp and clean lines that lend an overall sophistication. “You could also opt for multi-layer blinds that are currently trending. They add a distinct depth to a room. As do contemporary patterns and a mix of bold and warm colours,” she suggests.
    Getting shady
    Ravisaa’s latest range of blinds are ideal to jazz up a commercial space or restaurant. “This particular range is mainly for discrete privacy, allowing for partial illumination,” she explains. If you are looking to redo you home, then Alhuwalia suggests ditching the old school curtains for blinds as the possibilities are endless. “We’re living in a creative world where old meets new, handmade meets technology, simplicity meets drama. With the fresh season rolling in, bold, stylish prints, edgy patterns, eco-friendly fabrics, burst of colours, wooden finishes and metallics are set to be some of the latest trends in window dressing,” she signs off.

    `125 to `1,500 per square foot, based on fabric. Hours by appointment only. At HAL Airport Road. Details: 9845010987 or ravisaa.in

    — Aakanksha Devi


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