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    Rajesh Pratap Singha��s exclusive collection of saris comes to Ekaya

    Known for his eye for detail, designer Rajesh Pratap Singh experiments with saris this time. After spending two years researching and developing handloom techniques, the 46-year-old says, a�?The line is handcrafted using traditional techniques, but with new interpretations.a�? Launching his first collection of saris at the e-store, Ekaya, it features the finest textiles from Banaras. Comprising ikat weaves in geometric motifs, ajrak prints, cotton silk chanderis and some jakar, the designer says, a�?There is only one sari from Banaras that is 100 per cent silk. It is completely handwoven with ajrak prints in natural indigo.a�? He adds, a�?The rest is made of cotton and blends of cotton and silk.a�?1
    Singh, who has won the best designer awards by GQ India and Elle magazines, is based in New Delhi with his studio in Faridabad and factory in Neemrana, Rajasthan. He shares that some of the saris were woven in Madhya Pradesh andA� Banaras, and the type of chanderi used is different. a�?The weaves have complex variegated motifs on the pallus, which is created by inserting an extra weft in the yarn,a�? he explains. The ajrak prints in natural indigo and vegetable dyes are made in Ajrakhpur, and the ikat weaves are made in his studio in Rajasthan. The designer believes that it is better to experiment and fail as you learn from your mistakes. a�?The idea is to keep improving on the same techniques. We try out new things. Once in a while when we succeed, we take that design forward,a�? he shares. Currently, he is working with textile mills to develop new fabrics.
    Rs 24,000 onwards. Details: 011 41009143, ekaya.in

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