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    Fromleft, Aditi Mittal, Naveen Richards & Sorabh Pant

    With top stand-up artistes joining up for Laugh OK Please this Saturday, youa��d better plan your day at the Velachery mall
    WITH its penchant for rib-tickling comedy, Evama��s contribution to the stand-up scene in the city remains by far the most significant. They are taking it up a notch with comedians from all over the country this time. a�?a�?Laugh OK Please aims to not just create a platform featuring the best in India, but also one that many budding comics can look to for inspiration,a�? says producer,A� Bhargav Ramakrishnan. The show will feature Gurgaona��s Jeeveshu Ahlu-walia, Mumbaia��s Aditi Mittal and Sorabh Pant, Coimbatorea��s Naveen Richards, and the citya��s Karthik Kumar and Aravind S.

    Jeeveshu-Ahluwalia-3Jeeveshu Ahluwalia
    Calling himself the a�?Salman Khan of the fat worlda�?, Gurgaona��s Jeeveshu Ahluwalia isna��t afraid to make fun of his own weight, to begin with. The open mic sessions that started off as a hobby, saw him giving up his cushy job to tell jokes at pubs. Ahluwalia describes his material as anecdotal, and draws instances from daily life to make truthful and unintentionally hilarious observations. So whoa��s a major comic influence? a�?a�?My mother. Her humour is the darkest Ia��ve ever heard,a��a�� he enthuses.

    Karthik Kumar
    Karthik Kumar, whose act promises to bring a local flavour to the show, remains incredibly optimistic about the growth of the format in Chennai. He brought the comedy ensemble Stand Up Tamasha to the citya��s popular spots and feels ita��s time to move away from the usual. a�?Ia��m best known for my work in comedy films and plays, but the sketch format is done to death. Open mics are the future.a�? Of course, the elections will figure in his material.

    Sorabh Pant
    A former comedy writer for the Great Indian Comedy Show, Mumbai-based comic Sorabh Panta��s self-depreciating, observational Karthik-Kumar-2humour doesna��t disappoint. Insp-ired at 12 by a local stand-up act by comedian Johnny Lev-er, Pant felt his life was decided then. His mi-gration to the world of Indian stand-up also taught him about boundaries as a performer. a�?After I happened to pick on an audience member in jest at Kochi, I faced major backlash, but staying persistent in the game helps,a�? he shares. Confessing hea��s scared to make jokes about his wife, Pant plans to mostly bank on a�?North meets Southa�� gags.

    Laugh OK Please will be performed this Saturday at Phoenix Market City, Velachery from 7.30 pm onwards. Tickets are priced between Rs. 300 and Rs. A�600 and can be purchased at www.bookmyshow.com

    Comments, please

    1. On the change in government?
    Kumar: Modi supporters might have pushed the button so hard that BJP got two votes per person.

    2. Modi as PM?
    Pant: He might just elect himself to all the posts in the cabinet.

    3. Congressa�� failure?
    Pant: Rahul Gandhi should be adopted by the royal family. Therea��s nothing else hea��s qualified to do.

    4. Aam Aadmi Party in the next 5 years?
    Pant: Auditing for the Swiss Bank.
    Ahluwalia: Actually sitting on some seats.

    5. Everyone has a Kindle, bookstores are shutting down. Whata��s the future for books?
    Kumar: Twitter will be the new a�?literaturea��. Nobody will read anything thata��s over 140 characters.

    6.On Sunny Leone in the Tamil film industry?
    Ahluwalia: She has an enviable body of work, truly.
    Kumar: Shea��d have to compete with heros who have bigger breasts than her.

    a��Divya Karthikeyan


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