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    Karun Raman with the models of A Mid Summer Night’s Dream

    Summer continues to rage on, with the rains only offering us a tiny but much needed break. Thankfully we have loads to keep us busy, with the FIFA world cup making its presence felt right across the city. Hyatt Regency, who always take their sporting events seriously, have really upped the ante this time.

    The team at Hyatt Regency

    The team at Hyatt Regency

    The entire hotela��s been converted into a football paradise a�� the lobby with giant footballs and a variety of activities, from the virtual to the very real. Upstairs by the bar, the big screen is flanked by flags, with various team supporters landing up every night. I love that guests get to be a part of the fun, with yellow and red cards, and your own whistles. Yellow to repeat a drink, red for the cheque, blow a whistle and ita��s done. Whata��s even better, the food and cocktails are all from the key countries, with recipes coming in from Hyatt hotels across the world. And forget cutlery, everything is served stadium-style in giant buckets. Eating and drinking aside, ita��s all about rooting for our favourites, no matter how arbitrary our allegiances are. It got really crazy at the recent Germany vs Portugal game, with Germans at different tables banding together to form one giant deafening team. That Germany A�won, only made the evening better. Ia��m still hedging my bets though, therea��s lots more to come this season.

    DJ Arnej at Sunburn

    DJ Arnej at Sunburn

    Those with extra energy on Saturday headed to the coast for Sunburn, happy that the fest has finally made its way to Chennaia��s shores. The heat didna��t seem to be too much of a bother judging by the huge crowd. It was a great atmosphere with an impressive line-up a�� DJs Kash Trivedi, Arjun Hora, Shaan, Arnej and Chennaia��s very own Vijay Chawla. Arnej, who is hardly a stranger to Indian crowds, with multiple shows in the past year alone, had a blast, promising to be back soon. And for those that chose to stay in the city, it was a more relaxed scene with A Mid Summer Nighta��s Dream at The Park Pod. Put together by Lux 214 and Karun Raman, the evening offered the latest in summer and resort wearA�while staying true to the theme. The show unfolded under the a�?tree of lifea��, complete with fairies, flowy silhouettes and a host of other worldly creatures.


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