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    Crea Shaktia��s The Protector questions the ethics of parenting.

    Parenting is no childa��s play and Bengali playwright Sudipta Bhawmik sought to capture that when he penned, and staged, Palok the Protector two years ago. When the play was adapted for Tamil audiences last year at Alliance FranA�aise, among those who were left impressed was young theatre enthusiast George Varghesea��so much so that he is producing the play for city-based theatre group Crea ShaktiA�next Sunday. Revolving around a young couple in the US whose child is taken away by the Child Protection Services for suspicion of child abuse and neglect, the story traces the moral conundrums of parenting, trying to draw a line between discipline and abuse.
    a�?In the process of their struggle, the couple find themselves more alienated when they voice their opinion. Every exchange in the story is a double-edged sword. Every dialogue has a subtext and that kind of depth is the best thing about this play,a�? adds the trainer and actor, who is directing a full-fledged production for the first time. The 60-minute production has college students and Crea Shakthi members as the cast, working for the last two months, with minimal use of sets and props. a�?We have eight cubes forming the static set, which, along with mood lighting, will be used for setting changes,a�? says the 20-year-old mathematics graduate from Loyola College. Known for their comedies and Shakespearean adaptations, Crea Shakti has pushed their own creative boundaries with a subject of this depth. The play is likely to travel to Bengaluru towards the end of the year.
    At Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, at 3pm. Tickets from Rs 200 onwards.

    a��Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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