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    Traditional and popular games get a luxe makeover in our selection of signature pieces for your table

    From the classic snakes and laddersa�� this time in nickel and coppera�� to a chess set in real gold and a revival of the game of pallankuzhi, these living room staples have been designed for the collector. Our pick of the finest for the festive days ahead.

    Text: Niranjana Hariharanandanan

    Word count

    Have your way with words with this limited-edition typography scrabble board by designer Andrew Capener. Inspired by the modernist Bauhaus school of design, what makes it extra special are its 15 unique fontsa��never used before in a Scrabble set. The 100 tiles are placed on a maple wood board with a glazed base and cork lining,with compartments to store all the deluxe components. The set also features a fabric tile pouch and a stitched a�?scorekeepera�? with a pencil to record your game. Approx Rs.13,000. Details: amazon.com

    Climbing ladders

    1A modern twist to an ancient classic, the Snakes and Ladders game by New Delhi-based Taamaa is meticulously detailed with nickel and copper, and comes in a range of three coloursa��ochre, brown and black. This collectible has a discreet leather casing with subtle detailing. Rs.10,055. Details: 08826847828, thehouseofthings.com

    By the hand

    Backgammon games are a signature of London- based artist Alexandra Llewellyn, known for her bespoke limited-edition board games. We love the hand-painted boards with motifs of peacock feathers, vegetables and rare insects. Each comes with a leather strap case and customised text, with the option of hand-written messages on the outside of the boxes. The game pieces also come with the initials of the players. Approx Rs.2,41,493 (excluding tax and duty). Details: alexandralldesign.com

    Royal empire

    Need a royal pursuit? What better than a handmade set of brass, plated with gold, to get your game face on? Hand crafted by local artisans in Jaipur, the set features a brown and white lacquered chessboard with matching Staunton wood and gold-plated chess men. The bevelled-edge board has a felted underside to protect your furniture. Rs.17,995. At Chess n Crafts, New Delhi. Details: 011 41625383

    Into the jungle

    Adding to the festivities this season is Hermes, who has come out with its Equateur jigsaw puzzle. In orange hand-cut paper and poplar wood, it depicts the animal kingdom. The collection, comprising 400 puzzle pieces, measures 17.7a�? x 17.7a�?. Approximately Rs.23,000 at the Hermes store in Mumbai and on hermes.com

    Double crossing

    Play the game of knots and crosses in style, with a six-by-six-inch Ralph Lauren Home tic-tac-toe set. Crafted from the finest materials, including black leather, carbon fibre leather and a walnut base, the set includes polished nickel and powder-coated game pieces in crystal and silver with motifs of the skull and crossbones. Presented in a Ralph Lauren gift box. Approximately Rs.39,386 at the branda��s store in Mumbai. Details: 8884757674

    Lucky seeds

    Every South Indian home once had these traditional games on their shelves. The Pallankuzhi makes a pretty comeback with Chennai-based Vrksa Arta��s made-to-order hand-carved wooden set, which comes with the option of real pearls, cowry shells, tamarind seeds and little red seeds (manjaadikuru) as playing pieces. It can also double as a candle holder or a decor piece. Rs.2,000. Details: 9566059181

    Spot the sheep

    In bright colours, Erode-based Athepoo Handicraftsa�� traditional handmade board game collection includes the Adupuli Attam. Hand-painted on a wooden chowki (a low wooden seat) the gamea��popularly called the lamb and tigers a��has floral wooden carvings across the borders and can double as a piece of furniture. Comes in combinations of yellow and blue, too. Rs.2,000. Details: 0424 4020116


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