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A Mumbai-based company offers indie magazines from across the globe in a subscription format

hen Mumbai-based corporate lawyer Nupur Joshi decided to take a sabbatical from work in mid 2013, she discovered the world of niche, indie magazines. a�? Ita��s no [sic] mere psychobabblea��sabbaticals do really help you to discover some awesome stuff. Once I had a taste of these magazines, I was eager to introduce them to other people who I knew shared my interest in reading prints,a�? Joshi says.
Procuring these magazines was no mean feat since most of them are not available in India. Also the cost of shipping individual copies was prohibitively high. The former lawyer knew that she had to find another way to share the magazines with likeminded people and hence the idea of setting up an independent magazine subscription service came about.
Plan ahead
Paper Planes, launched in November 2014, offers print magazines from independent publishers from across the worlda��from New York to Berlin and Beirut to Kosovo, and includes genres such as food, culture, lifestyle, fashion and more. a�? These magazines do not just have intelligent content but a distinct visual identity, too. There is a lot of experimentation with design, which makes them beautiful,a�? Joshi says.
Interested parties can subscribe to Paper Planes on their website, where they will receive one new magazine a month from a stack of genres that they choose. You can also opt for the Surprise Me option, where a genre will be picked for you and delivered. Currently three subscription plans are on offera��a monthly rolling one (`1,000), a nine-month (`8,550 for nine issues) and 18-month (`18,000 for 18 issues) one. Till date, Joshia��s venture has sent out magazines such as The Gentlewoman, a UK-based magazine with a fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion, according to her, Gather Journal, a food magazine from the US and Little White Lies, an indie film magazine from the UK, among others.
Personal select
Paper Planes has also recently gone live with their online store where you can directly buy select interesting reads and special editions from indie publishers. This section will also eventually offer back issues of some of the magazines previously sent to subscribers, if still in stock. The company has just introduced a concept called PaperPlanes/Shares where some of its subscribers curate niche lists related to what they are passionate about. In March, singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad curated a playlist and graphic designer Kuhu Kochar of Paper Cut Designs showcased a list of films with graphic flair, according to Joshi.

Paper Planes is giving a 15 per cent discount on the first month of its Rolling Monthly Plans and five per cent discount on the nine and 18 month plans. Till today, the promo codes are on the website. Details: joinpaperplanes.com

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