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Boardroom farThank God for ‘brain food’ which promises to recharge low sugar levels whenever your mind goes numb with long, tedious corporate meetingse

How often have you felt drained in the middle of long six-hour meetings in a boardroom? Often! Right. Well, thata��s because for continuous hours of focusing on the trainera��s slides without eating anything. No wonder your energy levels dip, leaving you exhausted and when finally you take that heavy lunch it makes you feel more uncomfortable. To combat that Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Hyderabad, has launched Brain Food. The entire package is better known as Experience Meeting that consists of specific board-room settings and, of course brain food.
Any typical board meeting or training sessions starts from early morning and continues till evening. The brain-storming sessions demand high-energy levels and hence the food has to be kept in accordance. Says chef Chandra Shekhar, Pandey a�?The idea is to keep the health quotient high. We prepare food that focus on less sugar and fats.a�? The brain food is designed according to the guestsa�� requirements as well. Adds the chef, a�?For breakfast we arrange for egg stations. The guests can come and choose their style of omelettes, poaches or boiled eggs. We usually arrange croissants as well that can be whole wheat and multigrain.a�? In bread category they have hard rolls, gluten-free bread, multi-grain bread and even naan.
Fishy business
So when a group of 10-15 business people sit in a closed room, how is the nutrient loss replenished? Research shows that acetylcholine increases concentration levels and alertness found in fish and chicken.So the chef has come up with varieties like steamed or grilled fish fillets with caper and lemon, poached fish with cream and parsley. He uses snapper , king fish and murrel. He prepares grilled chicken with pokchoy and asparagus, roasted chicken with glazed carrots and button onions, stir-fried chicken with ginger-wine and chicken stew with root veggies like leek, celery and turnips.
Fresh delights
Long hours also lead to sugar crash in the system so to avoid this tidbits are served during the meeting or training sessions. Chef shares, a�?We send flavoured chocolates like mint, hazelnut and rose-petals.a�? He also serves blueberries as part of tidbits as the same is very high in antioxidants and helps prevent brain cells breakdown. Along with that they also offer water flavoured with lemon and mint, parsley, basil and even dill. But are these enough to keep the alertness on? a�?We have more items such as stimulants like ice tea flavoured with peach, apple, pomegranate, ginger and lemongrass.
There are mini tea-breaks every three hours. Chef serves salads without heavy dressings, apple tarts made with honey, dates chikki, fig with nuts. Wraps are also served with salad. The lunch consists of two non-veg dishes, two veg dishes, one rice preparation, three types of salads, and soups. The cost is around `1,000 per head.
General Manager Rajneesh Malhotra sums it up, a�?This concept is popular in the west, andi s finding favour in the country. We also focus on the environment and plan to introduce coloured walls. We also keep colourful toys and Rubik cubes for people to keep their brain cells active.a�? Details: 67331133
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