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Styles to choose from when you rent a car for that road trip

If you think different car body types are just fashion statements, you are mistaken. Each has a purpose, and none are interchangeable. Be it long road trips or squeezing through narrow Indian lanes, we recommend these car body types for your consideration.

They have the advantage of extra boot space when compared to hatchbacks. While smaller sedans are good in narrow lanes, the bigger ones have the added advantage of more cabin space. Highway manners are also better owing to the larger wheelbase and, as long as youa��re sticking to paved roads, sedans are a great choice for road trips.

These come in various sizes, from the compact to the full-blown 4X4s. SUVs work best on long distance trips, thanks to extended luggage space. Despite being fuel guzzlers, these beasts function perfectly off-road and you can be at peacea��your front bumper will not hit anything, thanks to the ground clearance.

These are great if you are navigating narrow streets and parking spaces. Keep the bigger hatchbacks for the highways, but you still need to compromise on that cabin and luggage space for transporting suitcases. For two people though, the hatchbacks are a viable option.



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