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    Bojanam serves up authentic Iyengar food for Triplicane, Royapettah and Mylapore

    Every morning, even before the cock crows, a kitchen in Triplicane is bustling, making idlis, dosas and pongal, while glistening rows of tiffin carriers await servings of rice, vathakozhambu, poriyal and more. Bojanam is an eight-month-old outlet in Triplicane that is making a name for itself with its authentic Iyengar breakfast, lunch and dinner services. a�?Bojanam is part of the Sweet Karam Coffee company that I started in September of 2012. Ita��s a family-run business, with my wife as the main cook and my sisters and sisters-in-law pitching in,a�? says B Venkatakrishnan, who quit his job as an administration officer in a marine engineering college to turn entrepreneur. a�?At first we only made sweets and savouries, which we distributed around the city. Then we started catering for functions before deciding to launch daily home-delivered meal services late last year,a�? he adds.

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    Currently they offer three services: Amutham (sweets and savouries), Vivaham (wedding catering) and Bojanam (daily meals and corporate lunches). a�?Our food is fresh and use only homemade ingredientsa��from our chilli powder to our pickles. Since ita��s Iyengar cuisine, we dona��t use onions or garlic,a�? says the 49-year-old, who recently added Royapettah and Mylapore to his ambit. a�?We launched breakfast services this Monday. Next up we have plans of starting a bigger kitchen and delivering food around the city,a�? says Venkatakrishnan, who now delivers meals to over 100 customers daily and recommends their chappatis (for dinner), poriyals and kozhambus.

    Breakfast at Rs. 50, lunch at Rs. 100 and dinner at Rs. 60. The menu changes daily. Details: sweetkaramcoffee.in/9176686377

    -Surya Praphulla Kumar


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