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    Auto-correct A�in Finding Fanny
    From the unbelievable to the quirky a�� Homi Adajania returns to the form of his debut Being Cyrus, with another quirky comedy revolving around a dysfunctional group of characters. Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah, Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor team up in Finding Fanny and pitch in with noteworthy performances in this film about love, hope and second chances. But there is another character in Adajaniaa��s film, which is set in Goa, and travels the journey with these characters as they embark on a search for Fanny. And that is the car. Adajania said, a�?After a nationwide hunt, I found a Dodge in Pune. It was exactly the Dodge I had seen in my head while writing. The rust, the sky-blue colour. It was an integral character in the film and on the last day of the shoot, like Naseer, the Dodge pretty much blew its top and collapsed in a heap of smoke. Therea��s a shot of smoke bellowing out from under the cara��s hood and that isna��t some effect a�� the engine had blown and it was chugging along on the crewa��s collective willpower!a�? Keep a look out for that scene when you watch the film.

    starhomiA creature of discomfort
    Bipasha Basu seems to be becoming a horror specialist (Raaz, Raaz 1, Aatma). She reunites with director Vikram Bhatt for Creature, which releases today. Playing up her athletic avatar, for which she trained with a TRX Rip Trainer, a portable training tool, to develop a toned physique, unlike her more fulsome look in her previous supernatural thriller Aatma. Pakistani actor Imran Abbas makes his Bollywood debut in the special effects-intensive Creature which was shot in Ooty and Mumbai. Bhatta��s 3D Creature featurea��s in the genre of Hollywood films like Anaconda or Predator. Ooty is dubbed a�?Summer Hilla�� where Ahana (Basu) runs a cosy boutique hotel. Some may recall that this is the same film that was earlier titled Animal and introduces a fantasy creature, based on the mythological Brahma rakshas (human-rakshas mix) that at first terrorizes then is tamed. From creatures in hills, Basu will take on the role of conjoined twins in another supernatural thriller titled Alone.

    starpriyanka5Mary Kom A�movie lacks punch
    The Mary Kom movie opened well and even though the word-of-mouth has been mediocre, the compelling story of the five-time world champion woman boxer has earned Priyanka Chopra even greater respectability. Interestingly, Saiwyn Qadras, the writer of the movie, apparently starting writing the film even before Mary Kom won the bronze at the Olympics. She only won her fifth medal after the makers had first met her in 2011 about making a film on her incredible life. Unfortunately, the film itself remains rarely superficial and predictable barring Chopraa��s commendable performance.


    startabu1Tabu takes her time
    Nearly every interview Tabu does includes a question about the selective movies she does and her long absences from the silver screen a�� she has done only after five films in four years. Ask her that question and she rolls her eyes and says, a�?Ita��s almost like an accusation now. Like WHY arena��t you doing more movies?a�? she says. However the October 2 release, Vishal Bhardwaja��s Haider, will be her second film this year after Jai Ho in which she played Salman Khana��s sister. She has also finished shooting a psychological thriller with one of her favourite co-stars Manoj Bajpayee (with whom she did Ghaath and Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar). Curiously though, Tabu has played two of William Shakespearea��s most memorable female characters a�� Lady Macbeth (in Maqbool) and now Gertrude (in Haider, an adaptation of Hamlet), she has never read any Shakespeare! She prefers to go by the script and the directora��s vision, says the 43-year-old.

    -Udita Jhunjhunwala


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