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    Scoring over Krrish
    Krrish 3 might have taken flight, but honestly the film left me underwhelmed. While there is no arguing Hrithik Roshana��s hard work and sincerity, and one must commend the visual effects which are better than anything in any Hindi film till date, one must mention what a let-down the music and the melodramatic story are. Making up for that somewhat were the two baddies. Vivek Oberoi was requisitely menacing as Kaal and I have never liked Kangna Ranaut more striking than as Kaya, the chameleon-like mutant. Leta��s hope more lead actors take risks by stepping out of their
    boxes to play roles with
    shades of grey.

    Musical interlude
    Present at the recent Abu Dhabi Film Festival, actor Irrfan Khan walked the red carpet before the screening of his film, Qissa, which was also screened at the Mumbai Film Festival. Later that evening, he was spotted showing off his Bollywood moves at an official Indian dinner. Interestingly, Khan revealed to people present at the Abu Dhabi festival that he is keen on working on a film about music. a�?I want to live with music for a few months and explore music,a�? he is reported to have said. Reflecting his preference for classical, pop and jazz music, he also confessed to wanting to learn to play the saxophone!

    Mr Perfectionist
    These days the launch of the first look and the first trailer of a Bollywood movie have become big media events. This was evidenced once again last week at the unveiling of the trailer of the much-anticipated franchise film Dhoom 3. Aamir Khan adds weight to the cast as Sahir the clown who uses sleight of hand to outwit ACP Jai Dixit and his left-hand man Ali. Aamir Khan flew in from the US, where he received an award for his TV show Satyamev Jayate and came straight to the press conference. Well, not exactly straight a�� he had rented a hotel room next door to the venue where he showered and rested a bit till it was time to step down to the auditorium. a�?I have traveled 16 hours to be here,a�? he said, looking fresh as a daisy, and sporting Sahira��s signature bowler hat. In spite of traveling transatlantic, Aamir was still the first to reach, ahead of co-star Abhishek Bachchan and director
    Vijay Krishna Rastogi.

    Caught in a sling
    While his partner in crime, Uday Chopra, was missing from the trailer launch of the December release Dhoom 3, because he was in the US we were told, Abhishek Bachchan was left to field questions on working with the senior Aamir Khan. Khan described Abhishek and Uday as being the devil and the angel respectively, quite contrary to their onscreen avatars. a�?Uday is the seedha (straight) one and Abhishek is tedha (crooked),a�? said Aamir. Abhishek was also in good form, especially when repeatedly quizzed as to why his left arm was in a sling (he had apparently torn a tendon in the elbow). Asked if it was very painful, without missing a beat AB junior replied, a�?Mard ko dard nahin hotaa�?. (A real man does not feel pain). On working with Aamir, Abhishek said, a�?You learn so much from watching him. Humility is his greatest quality.a�? He recounted his surprise when Aamir called him and said he was doing Dhoom 3 and what fun they were going to have. The surprise was not just because Aamir called, but because at that point not only had Abhishek not heard the script, he had no idea they were making a Dhoom 3!

    -Udita Jhunjhunwala


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