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    Heart-breakerA�getting hitched?
    Where there are separations, there are also unions. And if rumours are to be believed, then the first family of Bollywood might soon be ordering designer lehengas and sherwanis for a really big fat Bollywood wedding. If this is indeed true, I think we might just hear many hearts breaking collectively. A source claimed that the mother has given her blessings to the young and handsome couple. However the father, who has often applauded his sona��s Casanova image, might be harder to convince.

    The last word
    startrek1A year after the horrific and brutal gang rape in Delhi, producer Siddhartha Jain and director Sanjay Chhel released the trailer of their film, Kill The Rapist?, online. What makes this unique is that the hard-hitting trailer invites audiences from across the world to cast their vote on how the film should conclude. On the basis
    of audience suggestions and votes, the makers will decide upon and then shoot the climax. a�?We have put a question mark at the end of the title because we dona��t want to preach or take a legal stand. I am a filmmakera��I want to make people think. Ia��m just raising questions,a�? said Chhel. The film, starring Anjali Patil in the lead, is
    slated to release in March 2014.

    TinseltownA�turns copycat
    startrek2As a journalist, I find it interesting that Bollywood is moving the Hollywood waya��with official statements and announcements of births and break-ups. Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan both released statements about their respective new-borns, and Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap also sent out a message requesting privacy as they take a break in their marriage. Ita��s a house of cards, and many are keenly watching to see which card falls next.

    Ita��s splitsvilla time
    startrek4A�Rumours that Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshana��s marriage was heading south have been doing the rounds for some time now. Years ago, when still young and restless, there was talk of his affection for Kareena Kapoor. Then the gossip mills were working over-time about his dalliances with Kites co-star Barbara Mori. Most recently, allegations of Sussannea��s link-up with Arjun Rampal made headlines. Today, Hrithik and Sussanne have officially parted ways, though insiders say he is still in love with her. Rampal has publicly stated that he is being unnecessarily dragged into a private matter. But Bollywood watchers are fascinated by this story that could rip friendships apart. The Roshans, Rampals, Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan and Farhan Akhtar are believed to be the best of friends, often holidaying together. Surely this big break-up is going to force friends to choose sidesa��always an unpleasant but inevitable fall-out of a split.

    Not clowning around
    startrek5Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao were absolutely charming on Karan Johara��s couch last weekend. He came across as childlike (at times) and she exuded utter confidence. Their natural banter and bonhomie was infectious and unusual in an otherwise fake industry. But what really matters for Aamir right now is the release of Dhoom 3 today. Director of the third instalment in the franchise, Vijay Krishna Acharya, comes with the infamy of his atrocious debut film Tashan. That apart, Aamira��s co-stars in the film (besides Abhishek Bachchan in flashes) cannot boast of any great acting creds a�� certainly not Uday Chopra or Katrina Kaif (though the latter makes up for it with her looks). And in a year when Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan can brag about `100 crore-plus takings at the box office, Aamir cannot afford to be left behind. So leta��s wait and see if Jai, Ali and Aaliya can give Sahir the Clown something to laugh about.


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