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    Bangalorea��s Avril Q on her foray into tinsel town

    SocietyLead2A well known presence on the citya��s music scene, Avril Quadros has ventured into the glitz and glamour of Bollywood with the song Adiye Adiye in Subhash Ghaia��s Kaanchi, starring Mishti and Karthik Tiwari. Composed by Ismail Darbar, the folksy number is a light heartedA� rendition of friends and family of the female lead teasing her after discovering shea��s in love. a�?I auditioned for Ismail Darbar after a friend urged me to. He made me improvise and make lots of changes on the spot.

    I then returned to Bangalore and forgot about the audition but I got a call six weeks ago, telling me the track has been added to the film,a�? says Quadros and adds that the song was originallyA� not meant to be in the movie, but Ghai liked it so much that he tweaked the script just to include the number.
    This one is a departure from her usual style, primarily electronic rock music that she performs with her band Hammer and Thong. a�?If an actor can don the role of both a villain and a comedian, Ia��m sure singers can do both rock and Bollywood songs. I do not want to limit myself but I also ensure I only take up songs that suit my voice,a�? she explains.

    Starry ride
    Working with legends like Ghai, Darbar and lyricist Irshad Kamal who has been a part of blockbusters like Rockstar and Gunday was not SocietyLead5a walk in the park for Quadros even with her experience in the field but she tells us that the support from Darbar was very helpful. a�?To work with people who have been doing this since I was in school was quite daunting but Darbar is very supportive. He did not expect me to fall at his feet or keep thanking him for giving me my big break. Ita��s very refreshing to meet someone like that,a�? says Quadros, who has already signed a contract for her second Bollywood project.

    A veteran in her own right, Quadros has performed for the royal family of Sri Lanka, and for dignitaries and ministers in Turkey and Istanbul. Shea��s also had shows in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

    Formed in September 2013, the band Hammer and Thong comprises Quadros and her long-time friend Brian Bangera. Their recently launched first album, Non Conformity, explores the topics of relationships and love.

    The film is scheduled to release on April 25 .

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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