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    This DJ promises some off beat and ethnic tunesAi?? Diovan medication costs

    Electronica artiste Jean du Voyage has just released his new album, Mantra, as a statement for multiculturalism. His music is inspired by music from different countries, all across the planet. This French DJ has been brought down to the city by Alliance Francaise and will be playing some of his tunes at Blue Frog tonight.

    Tell us about the kind of music you play.
    I think my music is essentially electronica and downtempo but Iai??i??ve got a lot of different influences. I love both traditional instruments, ethnic sound and electronic music so my music is a mix of different genres with my own spices.

    Is that what you will be playing in Bengaluru too?
    I plan this one to be a gig showcasing my music and my inspirations. I play my compositions with my turntable and some electronic music instruments. I will play some tracks from the new album, some tracks of my last EP and some exclusive tracks too.

    Is this your first time in India?
    No, I came in India last November. That was my first time and it was really intense. Itai??i??s hard to find the words to describe my impressions but I am really glad to be back and very happy to play my music and share it here. I plan on taking some time out to meet local musicians and to discover more about Indian culture.

    Are you fond of Indian music?
    I love Indian classical music and traditional instruments especially the sitar, tabla, bansuri and so many more. Itai??i??s a great inspiration for me, technically and musically. Last year I bought a tabla in Varanasi, a mrindangam and kanjeera in Pondicherry. I love to meet traditional musicians and discover new instruments, it brings a lot of inspiration for my music.
    Tonight. 8.30 pm. At Blue Frog, Church Street. Tickets (`300) on

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