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    The new chef at On The Rocks showcases specials from a meal enjoyed on the Titanic

    Recreating the last meal of the Titanic has to be an unusual way for a new chef to announce his presence, but chef Vijay David Niranjan at On The Rocks, Sheraton Park, almost pulls it off. The famous 11-course meal consumed by first class passengers on the night the ship sank has been edited down to an option of a five or three-course meal that manages to be memorable enough. On the other hand, the question of a�?whya�? doesna��t find a satisfactory answer. Restaurant manager Namrata Bhalla Kapahi almost convinces us with her explanation: ita��s an exhortation to enjoy life and live in the moment, regardless of what may come in the future.
    The meal, pegged as Epic Dining, consists of dishes from the original menu and chef Niranjana��s tweaks to recipes go a long way in relieving some of the heaviness that the originals must have boasted. We try the three courses. First is soup a�� mine the Consomme Olga, and my companiona��s vegetarian version, mushroom a�� served in tureens. The mushroom soup is a temporary stand-in for the Cream of Barley Soup from the original menu. The consomme is a rich broth with scallops and may not be to everyonea��s liking. I am served a lovely Saute Chicken Lyonnaise as my main course. The chicken is tender and flavourful. Some parts of the dish have a concentration of salt, a problem my vegetarian companion also encounters in her Vegetable Farci (rice-stuffed zucchini served with Thai curry). For dessert we are served a lighter take on the Waldorf Pudding that still manages to be extraordinarily sweet. The Punch Romaine (`950 plus tax) makes up for a lot though. In all, an interesting but not especially spectacular meal. Chef Niranjan, who was executive chef at the Grand Mercure and worked with chef Abhijit Saha at Flava in Bangalore, returns to his hometown after 12 years away. His passion for Mediterranean cuisine and experience in molecular gastronomy are promising.
    Non vegetarian dinner at `1,950 plus tax for three courses and `2,750 plus tax for five courses. Details: 24994101

    Ranjitha Gunasekaran


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