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The Blacklist star on the twists and turns in season four

The character of Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone, 33, has been resurrected in season four of The Blacklist.

Keen was apparently killed in the previous season.

The crime drama series revolves around Raymond Reddington (James Spader), an FBI agent-turned-high profile criminal who turns himself in and insists on speaking only with agent Keen.Now, the American actress is in a new phase in her off-screen life tooai??i??motherhood.

Meanwhile, the showai??i??s writers weaved in her status into the story, and her character now also has a baby. There are still plenty of unanswered questions, including the shocking reveal of her biological fatherai??i??s identity.

How is it playing a mother and being a mother?

I think, with Liz, and her new motherhood, itai??i??s obviously much more heightened. There is a lot more at stake, the safety of her baby is in question. As a performer I have done everything I can to ensure that I can play that in a way thatai??i??s safe for me.

How does season four begin for you?

We find Liz in peril. In this case, sheai??i??s being held prisoner by someone who claims to be her father, which is yet unproven. Through the course of the season, we are going to find answers about her past.

Which way does season four go?

Thereai??i??s a ai???blacklisterai??i?? in every episode, which maintains a procedural aspect, but the serialised aspect is so fraught with violence and intricate mythology that I think thereai??i??s a lot to answer on that side of the show.

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