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    For the storya��s sake
    With films like Fubar and Goon
    already under his belt, Michael Dowsea��s The F Word really seals the Canadian filmmakersa�� spot in mainstream cinema. Dowse may now well be established as a director to watch out for with this film slated for a wide release in 2014. The comedy-drama stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan, showing big actors too are not hesitating to take on roles in Canadian films. a�?I think wea��re at the start of something really great,a�? says Dowse, adding, a�?ita��s a sign of our system nurturing directors and letting them tell stories that arena��t necessarily hinged on being completely commercial.a�? This film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was well-received by critics. CBS has already snapped up US distribution rights.

    An evolution
    Born in Toronto, David
    Cronenberg, 70, is currently
    working on his first Los Angeles
    -shot film, Map to the Stars, about a
    limo driver played by Robert Pattinson. The filmmaker had a mixed US-
    Canadian crew. a�?One of the Americans said it was one of the most civilised working conditions hea��d experienced in 17 years on set,a�? he says. Not to forget, this is also the third Cronenberg film that he is making with Canadian actress Sarah Gadon.A� Cronenberg has been known to collaborate with actors
    like Keira Knightley, Michael
    Fassbender and Viggo Mort ensen.
    Await the opening of theA� David Cronenberg: Evolution at the
    Toronto International FilmA� Festival (TIFF), starting October 30.

    In a race
    Canadian director Atom Egoyan, well known for movies like The Sweet Hereafter and
    Chloe, is busy with his next film, which has a killer cast for his Queen of the Night. Before
    this one, his movie, based on the West Memphis Three a�� teenagers imprisoned for
    the murder of a trio of young boys in Arkansas in 1993 a�� was a massive hit that saw
    Reese Witherpoon and Colin Firth. The latest actor to join the roster of Queen of the
    Night is Rosario Dawson, seen in movies like Sin City and Death Proof. The existing
    cast line has Ryan Reynolds, Mireille Enos and Scott Speedman. Well known for his
    work that often explores themes like isolation and alienation, it is rumoured that
    Egoyan might make a remake of the old television series, Life with Derek.

    Going mainstream
    His films have always been top notch inA� the Foreign Language category, but stepping into main stream, Denis Villeneuve is flying the Canadian flag high with not one but two English-language films. His debut, Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, is a subtly crafted compelling thriller about two girls disappearing. For his second attempt, Villeneuve again ropes in Gyllenhaal in Enemy, based on Jose Saramagoa��s book The Double. Speaking of his foray into the mainstream, Villenueve says, a�?Anything can happen in cinema. I have projects that I would like to write. I have projects that Ia��m attached to, but Ia��m just looking for what will inspire me, if ita��s in Canada or the United States of America,a�?
    says the Quebec-born director.


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