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    Kama Ayurveda kicks off its new baby care line with a soap that combines turmeric and coconut oil.

    As it turns out, Kama Ayruvedaa��s pre-natal care products are among its best sellers. But across their outlets in the country, theya��ve been hearing the same refrain: a�?what comes after the baby is borna��? The luxury Ayurvedic brand now has an answer: a new line of baby care products, which it is kicking off with a soap. But therea��s nothing humble about this bathing bar. With a base of cold-pressed organic oilsa�� coconut, castor and sunflowera��it combines the moisturising and hydrating properties of milk, the anti-bacterial/antiseptic qualities of turmeric and cedar wood, and the anti-inflammatory attributes of the ashwagandha herb. a�?We first asked mothers what they wanted in their baby soap and then sat down with Ayurvedic doctors to create the Nirav (meaning, pure) soap,a�? begins Vivek Sahni, one of the co-founders of the brand.
    The fragrance-free soap also includes dill and nut grass, which targets roughness and rashes. Later this year, Kama will be coming out with baby massage oils (for now, you can also use their cold-pressed sweet almond oil), body wash, and special oils to treat the scabs on babiesa�� scalps. a�?The key is the babya��s health and
    well-being. Ours is a treatment range, which can be used to keep the skin clean, tone muscles and fight nappy rash,a�? adds Sahni.
    Kama also has a few new products for adults coming out in the next few months, which they are excited about. a�?We are bringing out an aloe vera-based shaving foam and a moisturising post shave balm, besides an all-natural sunscreen, which took us over three years to develop,a�? says the Delhi-based entrepreneur.
    At Rs 425 for 125 gms. Details: 30083456,A� kamaayurveda.com

    a�� Surya Praphulla Kumar


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