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    Allow your little ones to let offsteam at these new play centres

    PROVIDING safe and stimulating environments for city kids, The Bumble Bee Studio in Malleswaram and KydzAdda in Banashankari are the latest additions to an array of entertainment options for youngsters. Both are run by women inspired by the childrena��s facilities experienced while living abroad. We tell you more.

    0512KidsLead2Fun and games
    Bumble Bee Studio offers imaginative play spaces (think grocera��s shop, fairytale castle and fully equipped home corner), plenty of room to wheel around on mini bicycles, and an outdoor terrace with a sandpit and water play area.
    More of a typical a�?jungle gyma��, KydzAdda has a soft play structure that runs to 2,000 square feet, and includes a ball pond, numerous slides, swings and climbing areas. Both centres also include reading and craft corners, and offer on-site supervision. a�?Safety is our main consideration,a�? says Vidya Pai, one of the founders of Bumble Bee Studio, adding, a�?The spring floor has foam padding, and sharp corners are eliminated so ita��s difficult for a child to hurt themselves here.a�? Deepti Mahesh, the entrepreneur behind Kydz Adda, agrees. a�?I wasna��t willing to compromise on quality, so almost all the play equipment has been imported in from Australia,a�? she says. Apart from daily play (which is charged by the hour at Kydzadda and via membership or with a pack of ten one-hour passes at Bumble Bee), you can organise birthday parties and family get-togethers, or sign up for sessions that range from music and movement to dance, arts and crafts.

    0512KidsLead5Family focus
    KydzAdda and Bumble Bee Studio go the extra mile to cater to all members of the family as well. Both spaces have designated areas where crawling infants can play separately from more boisterous toddlers, while KydzAdda also has arcade games and an air-hockey table to keep older kids happy. Family bonding is something that both Mahesh and Pai flag upa��by providing a setting where parents can connect with their children outside of the pressure of home.

    0512KidsLead12Keeping watch
    But if a little a�?me timea�� is required, that can also be arranged. a�?We run on-site classes for parents. Zumba is very popular. The exercise studio overlooks the play area, so mums can see their little ones while working out,a�? says Mahesh. Concurring, Pai adds, a�?Many mums and dads bring their laptops and work in the cafe, which has a CCTV link to where the kids are playing.a�? So while neither space encourages parents to leave the premises, therea��s the provision to relax, knowing that your little angels are in safe hands. KydzAdda: Rs.150 per hour upwards. Details: 26715959A�The Bumble Bee Studio: Rs.4,000 for 10 hours. Details: 41210606

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