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When Royal Enfields have a Mad Max streak to them.

Royal Enfield is rapidly shedding the Bullet tag (the bike that’s still the most iconic Enfield) now that the Continental GT and the Himalayan are part of the range. In another departure from the tradition, RE’s entries to a French motorcycling/surfing event, Wheels and Waves, have been inspired by Mad Max. While not as spartan as the Yamahas and Gas Gas motorbikes used in the film, the off-road tyres, bolted on hand-built components and paint jobs on a Continental GT and a Classic 500 strongly remind us of The Wasteland. The custom jobs are the work of UK-based motorcycle parts manufacturer, Harris Performance, now owned by RE.

Amphibian ambitions
Harris Performance modified a Continental GT to make it a water-wading motorcycle and named it Dirty Duck. It can ford through shallow streams, thanks to water-friendly modifications like a snorkel, a sump guard under the chassis and a rerouted exhaust. The cafe racer-like round headlamp has been replaced with twin projector lights placed inside a metallic panel bolted on to the front which also houses a GoPro. Instead of flat handlebars, the custom gets raised bars.

Drag queen
The Mo’ Powa’ is Harris Performance’s take on how a Classic 500 would be prepared for the drag races. The pink and blue motorbike is equipped with a turbocharger. Other major mods are a hand-built exhaust, a rear suspension adjusted to accommodate the lower seat position and an orange ignition switch along with repositionable LED tail lamps.

 —Team MotorScribes


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