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    Currently touring the country to promote their new album, Yarns, the two-member electronica band, Paraphoniks, is experimenting with 8.1 surround sound in live gigs for the first time. The pair, Shatrunjai Dewan (23) and Siddhant Shirodhkar (24), started off with a high octane performance at antiSOCIAL in Mumbai early this month and hopes to replicate it in the last leg of the tour, in Delhi, on September 30. But before that we will see them in action tomorrow at the Leather Bar, The Park.
    Stating that the setup for the performance will be in stereo, ShirodhkarA� reveals that they are bringing a combination of modular and semi-modular analogue synths, an electric guitar, a keyboard and effects processors, among other equipment. Known for their mastery over modular synthesisers, the duo released their first album, Handwired, last year. With Yarns, they have tried to achieve a sound thata��s both warm and raw, he says. a�?A lot of the music in Yarns was made possible thanks to the analogue synths we use,a�?he says, adding that they use additional analog outboard gear for different sounds. a�?Yarns covers more sonic territory and is more melodious than Handwired,a�? he observes.
    Shirodhkar admits how reproducing studio sounds on stage is not easy. a�?It is because some live music elements wona��t have the same character as that of studio sounds. But we try our best to make it sound good for the audience,a�? he assures, adding that besides the tour, they will also release a music video in the next couple of months.
    Tomorrow, at The Leather Bar. Details: 30637540; paraphoniks.bandcamp.com

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