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    Matt Damon on revisitingA� the former CIA superA� spy, working withA� Paul Greengrass and shooting in Vegas.

    Having drawn criticism recently for being cast in the lead role inA�The Great Walla��where Matt Damon is meant to save ancient China from dragonsa��the 45-year-old American actor is back in his JasonA�Bourne avatar in the franchisea��s fifth instalment. A sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), the film Jason BourneA� sees the former CIA assassin recovered from his amnesia. A series of events unfold, putting him on a quest for the truth behind his identity. TheA�Good Will HuntingA�star talks to us about reprising his role, the new cast and on shutting down Las Vegas Boulevard for the shoot.

    How is it playing Jason Bourne again?
    Bourne has been a huge role for me on a number of levels. Ia��ve always been grateful to (director) Doug Liman for giving me this role 16 years ago. You do something four times in your career, you know ita��s going to follow you around. I dona��t mind being followed around by Bourne. I like Jason Bourne.

    What is the film Jason Bourne all about?
    The film is about Bourne getting to the root of his identity and understanding how he really came to be Jason Bourne.

    How was it working with new cast members like Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones?
    Ita��s really exciting. Alicia is great. She brings the whole element of youth to the story and Tommy Lee is a legend. Essentially, these stories are about the prodigal son returning in rage and frustration and facing his father. Ita��s revealed that there is a kind of deep connection between Leea��s character and mine. Therea��s a history there that shakes Bourne to his core.

    How was it shooting in Las Vegas?
    Shutting down Las Vegas Boulevard was definitely another level. In the last movie, The Bourne Ultimatum, we had shut down a couple of blocks of 6thA�Avenue in New York and I remember thinking, a�?This is totally insane.a�� And I just had the same feeling the other night, standing there in middle of the Las Vegas Boulevard. I couldna��t wrap my brain around the scale of what we were doing.

    How was it working with (director) Paul Greengrass again?
    Paul Greengrass is my friend and therea��s a whole personal side to it, but I just trust him completely. Paula��s style is like the saying, a�?If you want to make an omelette, you got to break some eggs.a�?
    Jason Bourne is set to release today.

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