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    Long before farming holidays and markets became fashionable, these stars grew up with the real dealA�

    Detroit dreams
    What was sweet little Hannah Montana like before she started twerking and wearing next-to-nothing? Turns out singer and actress Miley Cyrus grew up on a big farm in Franklin, Tennessee, until she was eight, when her family moved to Toronto, Canada. But the 21-year-old says, her actual a�?growing upa�? happened while shooting for the movie, LOL in Detroit during summer 2010. a�?Detroita��s where I felt like I really grew up.A� Thata��s where I started going to clubs and where I got my first tattoo without my moma��s consent. I lied to the guy and told him I was 18. I got a heart on my finger and wore a Band-Aid for two months so my mom wouldna��t find out,a�? she says.

    A bit of Texas
    Giving back to the society is something actress, Eva Longoria has always believed in. Though the actress rose to fame with her Desperate Housewives, she had a very different childhood. Longoria and her three sisters, grew up on a ranch in rural Texas, where she had plenty of chores and responsibilities that involved farm work. a�?I grew up with a special-needs sister, an older sister, so I was kind of born into her world and knew what the world a�?volunteera�� meant at a very, very early age,a�? Longoria says. Some of the organisations the family supported are the Salvation Army and the Boys and Girls Club.

    Cows to movies
    Actor Charlize Theron whose relationship with Sean Penn has been hotting up of late was seen in the movie, A Million Ways to Die in the West, that released last week. As in the movie, Theron grew up on a farm in Benoni, South Africa. While she might be an Oscar winner, nothing was off limits to her on the farm, be it harvesting corn or milking cows.

    Miranda-Kerr1Cowboy traits
    Though Australian beauty Miranda Kerr was born in Sydney, the model was raised in the small town of Gunnedah, New South Wales, where she enjoyed racing motorbikes and riding horses on her grandmothera��s farm with her younger brother, Matthew. a�?a�?It was very grounding to grow up in the country where there wasna��t any pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing,a��a�� she told The Daily Telegraph recently, adding, a�?You could just be you.a�? In fact, she had plans with her now estranged husband Orlando Bloom to live on a farm someday.

    Cause to celebrate
    For multi-Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, home meant the world. The 24-year-old hottie was raised on an 11-acre Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. a�?a�?It was my job to pull the praying mantis pods off of the Christmas trees,a��a�� she told Jay Leno. But as per the latest records, her childhood house is for sale for $799,500. The current owners bought the house in 2007 for $480,000. This was before Swift rose to fame.

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