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    With their exotic new range of aftermeal snacks, e-store Goosebumps Pickles hopes to go international
    Our sense of taste has an innate ability to evoke emotions. This is what the four-year-old Mumbai-based online vegetarian pickle store, Goosebumps Pickles, decided to bank on while launching their new line of a�?nostalgia-inducing homely productsa��. a�?Last month, we officially launched our preservative-free aftermeal range, each of which has been locally sourced and crafted organically using dehydrated fruits and vegetables (think partially sun-dried tomatoes). They have a unique sweet-savoury flavour profile thanks to my mother-in-law, Mita Mehtaa��s secret masala blend,a�? begins co-founder Pinank Shah. a�?Unlike regular churan aftermeals, ours is a spin on the traditional Gujarati/Rajasthani snack called mukhwas (a highly aromatic digestive aid) and we offer flavours (like cinnamon dust, chai masala, oregano, chilli flakes and taco seasoning) in fruit variants that have never been created before,a�? he adds.
    Tangy treats
    Via this combination of old-school recipes and new-age ingredients like masala alphonso mango, chikoo, dates and masala kiwi, cranberries and pomelo, the aftermeal is no longer an afterthought. a�?All nine of our FSSAI-approved aftermeal snacks dona��t just double up as a mouth freshener or digestive aid, they are now a viable gifting option, too. Rather than gift the same dried fruits or chocolate boxes, people can opt to send our relatively healthier snacks to their friends and relatives during the festive season,a�? shares Shah, adding that this is one of the primary reasons why, prior to Diwali, they will begin shipping their products (including the upcoming guava and vegetable variants) to NRIs in the UK, UAE and the US.

    Rs 350 onwards (for 250 grams) and `725 onwards (for 500 grams). Details: goosebumpspickles.com

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