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    The Gift Marche creatively proves that all good things come in small packages

    Under four months old, The Gift Marche has had 25 orders for packaging of return gifts in the city, courtesy their Facebook page. Run by two sisters, Reshmma Fathima (an interior designing graduate) and Irfana Fathima (a dentist), the outfit offers conceptual packaging of return gifts for weddings, corporate parties, baby showers and other events. a�?Everybody gives return gifts. But we wanted to give people something different to complement their occasion,a�? says Reshmma.

    DSC_3347Made to order
    The Gift Marche not only creates handmade boxes to hold gifts the clients provide, but also offers home-made chocolates to fill their boxes with. They are happy to work with specific themes and source products like miniature vintage carriages and glass bowls from abroad. a�?We display every item we get or the boxes we make, on our Facebook page, and take it from there,a�? says Reshmma, who also designs invites. In most cases, the sisters make the boxes themselves, an activity they enjoy. Among popular designs are boxes shaped like cradles and feeding bottles for baby showers, but their favourite is a white box with black damas print and pink ribbons. A graduate of SRM University, Reshmma wants to balance the business and interior designing, just like her sister who is currently managing dentistry and The Gift Marche.A� Minimum order of 25 pieces or above are accepted. Prices from `20 up to
    Rs. 800. Details: 9884516661

    -Sharmistha Maji


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