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Imaad Shah is set to give fans a taste of retro- futuristic sounds

While Imaad Shaha��s solo electronic project, Madboy, has been around for about four years now, it made its a�?true debuta�? only last month, with the launch of the EP, Boy, in Mumbai. The singer-songwriter-producer, actor, and son of actors Ratna Pathak and Naseeruddin Shah, will release his four-track EP in Bengaluru tomorrow. And this onea��s different from what he usually does at the electro cabaret-disco-funk outfit, Madboy/Mink, along with Saba Azad. a�?This music is retro-futuristic. Its design is ahead of time, but has a firm grounding in the synthesizer sounds of 70s-80s,a�? he tells us.
He explains how these songs a�� Naked Soul, Jellyfish, On Your Mind, and Pressure a�� came along, a�?I had made them over a period of time for the sake of creative tripping, and they were lying unfinished, as sketches. Ita��s when my close musician friends, and producers heard what I had done, and felt passionately about these sounds that I decided to put them into production. The lyrics, mood, and production process is quite personal. Sexuality is an undercurrent in this EP, a�? he says adding that ita��s high on synths and drums, and minimal on guitar.
The 28-year-old artiste is glad that he finally put his music out, as he shares, a�?Some have gone on to make lofty comparisons with music legends George Mattson, and Harry Nilsson. I think people, across the world, have been starved of this kind of sound for a while now, where electronic music meets funk and future. But the listeners have become perceptive now, and underrating their music sensibilities is a really bad idea!a�?
Meanwhile, he hasna��t got any feedback from his famous parents. a�?Thata��s because Ia��ve been away on tours for a month now. They do have varied tastes in music. But they like lyrics-oriented songs more, whereas I like my lyrics to be trivial, gentler, and not loud.a�?
He plans to roll out another EP, and then an album as a solo artiste soon. Two Madboy/Mink EPs are in the offing. He is also writing music for ads, and video games, and is itching to do background score for films.
May 7. `500 (cover). At The Humming Tree, Indiranagar. 9 pm. Details: 9886618386
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