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    At 16, Mahaveer Raghunathan is all set to represent India at the F3 circuit starting 2015

    Despite being the youngest racer in the F3 circuit, Mahaveer Raghunathan comes across as an introverted boy. From humble beginnings in the go-kart scene (he won the Amaron Karting Challenge 2011), he has come a long way to take part in the international circuit, where he is going to represent India at the upcoming FIA Formula 3 European Championship in April this year. Driving a customised Volkswagen two-litre Racing-ProfileFormula 3 racing car for his team, Moto Park, he is currently undergoing test sessions for the 2015 season in Spain. On a Sunday morning, he shares his F4 adventures till date, his current schedules and plans for the future.
    On the track
    Citing 2014 as his a�?most productive yeara�?, thanks to clocking experience on difficult tracks in places like the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, Hockenheim Racing Circuit in Germany and Adria International Circuit in Italy, he talks about dealing with the Formula 4 scenario. a�?The F4 series in Italy last year (June to October) was an eye-opener. I was able to finish the entire Debut FIA Formula F4 Series there, which helped me realise I was on my way to F3 and F1,a�? says Raghunathan, who is currently home schooling and is in standard XI (according to the IGCSE Curriculum). While he is still looking for sponsorship for practice 10501705_10204378186324989_sessions and training, he says his parents have helped him a lot, both financially and emotionally, in his racing journey. Recalling an interesting experience, he shares, a�?a�?When I first started travelling, my parents used to accompany me. We used translation apps to find food in restaurants, particularly in Europe, because of the language barrier.a��a��
    Coming up next
    The racer, who turns 16 this year, is working towards participating in Formula 1. a�?2015 is important for two reasons. It gives me the gateway to participate in Formula 3 and it gives me the chance to perform well at F4 and F3, and move up the ladder to F1 racing,a�? admits the young prodigy, who also loves swimming and cycling. Following the FIA F3 Euro Series in April, Raghunathan is also looking to test with Team Moto Park in Portugal and Spain.

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