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    A Bengaluru-based all-male ensemble finds its way to Pondy.

    This Sunday, the vaulted ceilings of the Notre Dame des Anges (on Rue Dumas) will reverberate with the strains of choruses from many moons ago. With Byrd and Bach to Handel and Schubert, the a cappella concert by Bangalore Men, will take aficionados on a musical journey spanning three centuries of composers.
    The stately church provides the right acoustics for western classical a cappella (singing without musical accompaniment), says Jonas Olsson, the Swedish-born music teacher and founder of Bangalore Men, an all-male ensemble. a�?We are passionate about promoting the many beautiful compositions written for all-male choruses between 1,600 and 1,800,a�? he says. Women were not permitted to sing in choirs then.
    Pondicherry is the only venue, outside Bengaluru, for the A cappella Through the Ages concert series, which will feature solos, duets and choruses in English, German and Italian. a�?We want people to get a feel of western classical music, from the relatively simpler Renaissance era to the more complex Baroque period and the dramatic Romantic age,a�? explains Olsson.
    The ensemble was formed this January, mostly with faculty from the Bangalore School of Music. With members aged between 22 and 39, the choir can hit a varied mix of notesa��from a rich high countertenor to a booming low bass. They will soon begin training with soloist Maria ForsstrA�m for their upcoming Simply Schubert concert in Hyderabad, Mysore and Bengaluru in mid-August.

    On Sunday, from 6.30-7.30 pm. Free entry. Details: facebook.com/thebangaloremen

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