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    Celebrity endorsements are usually successful, but these guys have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons

    Taking a nosedive
    Nicole Kidmana��s a�?Hollywood Glamoura�� ad campaign this year with Etihad Airways came under fire by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) union, which accused the actress of supporting the airlinesa�� a�?discriminatory labour practices and deplorable treatment of female employees.a�? In an open letter, the APFAa��s president urged the Golden Globe winner to cease relations with the brand in light of her duties as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Women. Flight attendants from American Airlines, however, have supported Kidman, and have apologised for the actions of their uniona��s president. In the meantime, Etihad has denied all allegations and the Moulin Rouge! star is yet to comment, making us unsure of what her stance really is.

    Not good enough
    Julianne Moorea��s performance in her latest advertisement has been shot down by Turkeya��s tourism board. According to a source in the tourism ministry, the Still Alice star, who in the advertisement reminisces her childhood trip to Turkey, is criticised for her a�?depressing personaa�? and general a�?poor actinga�?.A� After rejecting a reshoot, and $ four million, the 54-year-olda��s performance has been scrapped from the campaign, and she will potentially be replaced with the
    work of another actor from one of a�?over 30 similar filmsa�?. Ouch.

    Retouched, much?
    Controversy always follows Justin Bieber. This time, some untouched photos from his Calvin Klein campaign were reportedly leaked. Ita��s no secret that the brand uses Photoshop, but the exaggerated muscles and bulge-size raised some eyebrows amongst netizens around the world, especially in comparison to the more realistic image released by BreatheHeavy.com. Meanwhile, the 21-year-old pop-star insisted that the leaked image was a fake and threatened to sue BreatheHeavy.com, after which they retracted the story.

    Alter ego
    Though popular with the public, Rob Lowea��s latest DirecTV advertisements proved controversial for making unsubstantiated claims. By using inferior alter egos of the usually-glamorous 51-year-old (such as a�?painfully awkward Rob Lowea��, a�?super creepy Rob Lowea��), DirecTV promises the most popular customer service and 99 per cent signal reliability. But according to the National Advertising Division (NAD) these are promises it cannot justify. The NAD also expressed that the ads a�?conveyed a comparative and unsupported superiority message.a�? Despite this scandal, it looks like the Parks and Recreation star will be called back for future campaigns.

    Playing politics
    Known to be quite the anarchist, and having a staunch a�?dona��t votea�� policy, actor-turned-activist Russell Brand came under the British publica��s scrutiny after he encouraged people to vote for the Labour party in the 2015 United Kingdom General Elections following an interview with Labour politician Ed Miliband. The interview, which was posted on Branda��s popular YouTube and Facebook channel went viral, and saw thousands of comments call him out for being a hypocrite. It sparked unconfirmed rumours of him financially supporting Labour campaigns under the table. However, seeing as Labour
    lost the elections, ita��s safe to assume that Branda��s involvement meant very little.

    A�Sakshi Kaushik


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