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    ImKnotShy helps to connect you with the person of your interest instantly and in real life

    HERE is no dearth of dating apps, or even ones that let you find like-minded people in your city. But one thing users mostly complain about is the inability to take their chats offline, into the real world, and meet their a�?matcha�� or a�?crusha�� or a�?frienda�� in person. These online chats gradually die a silent death.
    Thata��s where we think the newbie, ImKnotShy holds potential. It lets you discover people within a radius of 300 metres, in real time. You can be at a night club, airport, concert, or inside a theatre, or driving past the neighbourhood. The limited discovery range maximises your chance to make your approach in person as soon as he/she accepts your interest. And if your match is out with a group, you can initiate chats later, but, at least you are assured the profile isna��t fake.
    A rosy invite
    The venture has been founded by Salpi Gandhi, Bunty Bahl, Viral Bharani and actor Zayed Khan of Main Hoon Na fame. Khan likes to position ImKnotShy under a new category of a�?instant ice-breakera�� apps, which empower you to forge new relationships. a�?Its utility is limited only by your imagination. You can become best friends, or even tie the knot,a�? Khan tells us, steering clear of being tagged a dating or social networking app.
    a�?Zap a rosea�� is another highlight of the app, which has around 30,000 signups. Not just a virtual red rose, Khan clarifies, you can even extend a white, pink, or a yellow rose to the person you are interested in from a distance. Wait for the receiver to respond to that rosy invite, before making your next move. Soon, you will be able to send virtual gifts too.
    a�?With this app, we want to tell people not to be shy, open up their world to meeting new people, and use the a�?zap a rosea�� feature to connect with someone they can see in front of them,a�? says Khan, while explaining what to expect after the sign-up. a�?There are multiple things you can do. You can post a message for someone you are looking for a�� someone you had earlier crossed paths with, or who was not on the app then. You can see if someone has posted a message for you. Also, you can initiate discussions and invite comments. If you like a comment, you can invite that person to a private chat window.a�?
    Connect instantly
    The idea of ImKnotShy came from a real life story a�� one that was a missed opportunity. Khan recollects, a�?One of our founders saw a girl in an auto, while he was waiting in his car at a traffic signal. Both were smiling at each other but they didna��t know how to connect. The signal turned green, and they missed the opportunity to meet. Thata��s when he thought that we should create a bridge to solve this real life problem. You cana��t jump out of your car or read someonea��s mind, can you?a�?
    They now plan to reduce the discovery range from 300 metres to even closer, and hold activities at colleges and malls. Ita��s about making real life connections, after all.Available on Android, and iOS. Details: imknotshy.com

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