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    Glitter and Gloss, Vibha Batra’s fourth full-fledged novel, revolves around the romance between Misha Chaturvedi, a makeup artist-cum-saleswoman at a M.A.C store, and Akshay Agarwal, the obviously drop-dead-gorgeous heir of a jewellery giant. Misha struggles to gain his pushy sister’s approval —even though the issues seem a little dated like vegetarianism and a working modern woman. The book, which is peppered with Hindi slang, tries to wind its way through the various problems the couple face, but increasingly feels like a M.A.C manual with each passing page. But witty cinema references, elaborate descriptions of the object of her desire and relatable instances from her exchanges with people in her life makes for a quick one-time read.
    Published by Bloomsbury. Rs 199 at Starmark, Phoenix MarketCity. Details:30083560

    — Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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